Doc Night brings together a group of individuals who engage with the world through the lense of a documentary.

My name is Andrea Napierkowski and I’ve been hosting Doc Night in living rooms in West Michigan since Sept 2010. It’s a love hate relationship to be honest. I can pour over finding the perfect doc that sparks conversation only to have it fall flat. Watching a doc by yourself is different than watching it in a group. There are many more discerning eyes.

Many people have never watched a doc for the fun of it. Or if they have, it was for college and they didn’t really enjoy it. Changing the environment that you show a doc changes the way that people engage with it. Bringing together friends, food, and drinks helps a seemingly boring doc speak truth into the lives of the viewers. Stopping it to talk about what is going on in the film helps viewers stay engaged with the storyline and how it affects them.

“But not all documentaries provide a clear action step. Some films, rather than getting you off the couch, pin you to it.”1 The point of Doc Night isn’t to leave viewers with a new action step on how to live their lives. Sometimes it’s all about the shared experience of walking in the shoes of someone different for a while.

1 Read more: Popcorn + Prophets by Eric Kuiper

Andrea Napierkowski

Andrea Napierkowski