Prescription Thugs

Prescription-ThugsJuly 31st, 2016

In this follow-up to his film Bigger Stronger Faster, director Chris Bell turns his camera on the abuse of prescription drugs and, ultimately, himself. After witnessing friends and relatives face tragedy as they become addicted to prescription drugs, Bell sets out to explore the goals of pharmaceutical companies and doctors in this ever-growing market, and asks how they are any different from back-alley drug-pushers. His journey leads to experts on the nature of addiction in our culture, as well as to pharmaceutical whistleblowers that testify to the solely dollar-driven aims of pharmaceutical companies. Chris meets with WWE legends, such as Matthew “Horshu” Wiese and Chris Leben, along with former California State Senator (now Congressman for California’s 33rd District) Ted Lieu, pharmaceutical company whistleblower Gwen Olsen, Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation Center founder Richard Taite, Professor of Psychiatry David Healy, author of Generation RX Greg Critser, and members of his own family.

Prescription Thugs Trailer